Igniting a Passion for Missions: A guide for Church Leaders


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Pastor Moberly's book Igniting a Passion for Missions: A Guide for Church Leaders is an excellent resource to start and continue a fresh direction in Global missions. Used successfully by Church councils, mission committees and small groups across North America, it includes a study guide to facilitate discussion and application. To order simply click here. Multiple copies are available at a discount by emailing



...I was very impressed. You have provided something that will be very helpful for churches!
— Rev. Mark Chavez, General Secretary, NALC
a great read and should be required reading for every Lutheran church of every stripe!
— Rev. Mark Vander Tuig, Service Coordinator, LCMC
I finished reading your book—excellent. I’ve recommended it to our Synod Task Force and to our church’s Board of Global Ministry and will do so at other churches. It is the best book I have ever read on world missions.
— Lay Leader, MN
From the moment I heard Bill Moberly speak on missions at a church leadership conference, I was so enthused and inspired personally and professionally that I sought him out to be my mentor on missions and teach me how to engage the people of our congregation personally and passionately in Great Commission work. I bought and devoured Bill’s impassioned and practical book Igniting A Passion For Missions: A Guide For Church Leaders. As soon as I finished it, I immediately ordered multiple copies and shared them with key leaders and people with passion for missions in our congregation. The revolution had begun!
— Pastor Dave Shockey, Hebron, KY