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ALWM Testimonials
Pastor Tim White, Senior Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Colombus, NE says:
"Rev. Bill Moberly and his wife Sally have lovingly shared their wisdom from years of missionary experience with our congregation.  Bill has worked up a 20 point plan for igniting a passion for world missions in the local church.  Within months of working with Bill Moberly, Trinity had organized a Missions Board.  In just the first year of the Missions Board work they had organized a 5 day Missions Convention (the first ever in our congregation), and we sent a team of 7 people on a three week short-term trip to Russia.  The Russia team was almost entirely supported by Trinity member contributions.  Additionally, there has been generous financial support and prayer support for other missionaries and missions organizations.   Our congregation now continuously supports ongoing work in 5 countries, with significant and growing financial support for missionaries in two others.   After decades of denominational dependence for mission work (sending checks) we’re now doing what Christ commissioned His church to do, and we are healthier spiritually because of it."
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