Harvest Connection Seminar

A seminar taught by Pastor Bill Moberly which offers practical, hands-on training to help enable you and your church for more strategic mission involvement.

The Harvest Connection seminar explores three key questions:

What is the CALL of the WORD?


What is the NEED in the WORLD?


What does this mean for MY LIFE, and MY CHURCH?


Adaptable Format - Proven Results

Jesus commands His church to preach the Gospel and make disciples in  'every tongue, tribe, people and language.' (Matt. 28:18-20, Rev. 5:9-10, 7:9-10)


Is the Great Commission complete? What remains to be done? This fast-paced and informative seminar features the most recent statistical information about the remaining task, including current progress in reaching the unreached and unevangelized.


In light of the CALL of the WORD and the NEED in the WORLD, what does God want to build into the local church in order to answer Jesus' call corporately and individually to make disciples of all the nations. We focus on the building blocks for a mission mobilized church. Harvest Connection is multi-media enhanced, with time for group discussion, and is laced with many personal stories.


Pastor Moberly has been teaching this seminar in various forms since 1991, and has seen the Lord use it in many ways! It can be customized to fit your congregation's schedule, or the needs of a region or community to sponsor it together.

The focus is intensely personal: offering practical, hands-on suggestions to enable churches and individuals to be more strategic and effective in their mission involvement, whether you are just starting out or you are looking for ways to strengthen your mission to “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the ends of the earth.”

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What people are saying about Harvest Connection Seminar:

On Sept 23 some members of our Mission Task Force Team here at Living Word Lutheran Church attended the Harvest Focus Workshop with Pastor Bill Moberly. The workshop far exceeded our expectations. First of all, it helped us see the tremendous need for global missions, and the priority it is for us as Christians and as a church. It helped us evaluate where we are, and gave us a vision for where the Lord wants to take us. It helped us see how much more we could do to communicate the global mission needs and opportunities with our congregation, as well us find way for more people to get involved. This workshop helped us to start thinking “long term” and how to pass this on to the next generation. We came away with a plan to take measurable baby steps, some of which we already started in the first week after the workshop. I highly recommend this workshop to every church. There’s nothing more important than the assignment the Lord has given us to disciple nations. One of our participants commented, “I learned more about missions at this workshop than almost the entire rest of my life.
— Steve Burke, LWLC Grapevine, TX
Pastor Bill Moberly’s Harvest Connection Seminar is an essential primer for the biblical and historical basis for Global Missions. Building on Christ’s call to “Go” and “Make Disciples,” Pastor Bill gives practical suggestions for churches and individual Christians regarding their response to Christ’s call … I would commend his seminar to all types of people from the seasoned Missions’ Pastor to the person considering going on their first mission trip. The Harvest Connection Seminar was a great tool for our missions team to help us gauge where we were doing things right and where we could adjust our focus to be more effective for the kingdom of God.
— Pastor, CA
The Harvest Connection Seminar is a wonderful opportunity to help congregations focus on that which is truly important- fulfilling the Great Commission!
— Pastor, TX