Why We Exist

Missions Mobilization” has been a popular and much needed movement in the evangelical world the past 35-40 years. The principles and passion undergirding this movement have not penetrated the Lutheran Church and other mainline Protestant denominations in any significant way, with the exception of our Baptist brethren. Awakening Lutherans to World Missions is a new ministry that is taking these Biblical principles and evangelical passion to Lutherans, as well as other mainline denominations. The congregational infrastructure that facilitates other ministries in the local church – from children and youth ministry, to women’s and men’s ministry, to music ministry and much more – is missing in many Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Episcopal congregations. There are few things that happen “by accident” at the congregational level – whether it is planning for worship services, VBS or anything else you can imagine. Is it any wonder that there has been a decline in world missions? The current norm has become accepted by many as the only way – world missions is the domain of leaders at the national, denominational level, or at best independent mission agencies. Yet, all the while, Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples of all nations” often remains ignored in meaningful, practical ways. ALWM exists to reverse this decline by challenging and equipping congregations to become actively obedient to the Great Commission. Through resources, seminars, consultation and coaching, ALWM staff will help you and your leaders build a solid, Biblical and vibrant world missions program that will make a difference for the “nations” as well as in your congregation.