Assignment 1

Session One:

Download Training Document for Printing


1. Read training items 1-4 at our website under the Missions Trip Training section.

  1. Intro, Training, & Orientation
  2. Our Host Ministry: Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong
  3. Ten Commandments for Short-Term Missionaries
  4. Sharing Your Testimony


2. Read and complete the exercises in sections 1 & 2 of STMWB: Ch. 1, The God of Mission (p. 14-19)

3. Answer the questions below and email this document to

a. What are the four spheres of witness that Jesus describes in Acts 1:8, and what are the equivalents of each of these four spheres for you?

b. What can I learn about how culture affects the way we live and understand the gospel?

4. Email to an introduction to yourself and briefly explain how has God called you to this trip/why are you going on this trip. This will be posted in this training section of the website so you can get to know your teammates. 

Optional Activities:

1. Journal Exercise: Why am I going on this trip?

2. Try to get to know one new team member.

3. Read and complete the remaining sections in Chapter 1 of STMWB.

William Moberly