Assignment 2

Session Two:

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1. Read the summary and background information about Hong Kong & ELCHK located in the Mission Trip Training section of our website.

2. Read and complete the exercises in sections 1 & 2 of STMWB: Ch. 2, Learning to Delight in Differences (p. 25-32)

3. Answer the questions below and email this document to

a. What does the Bible say about missions?

b. How has this teaching altered your view of missions?

c. What challenges and opportunities do the stereotypes listed in table 2.1 (pg. 25) create?

d. What criteria did you use to determine which of the biblical customs (pg. 32) were universal, and which were contextual?


Optional Activities:

1. Journal Exercise: What kinds of stereotypes might I have toward the host culture I will be serving in?

2. Read and complete the remaining sections in Chapter 2 of STMWB.

William Moberly