Assignment 4


Session Four: 

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1.   Read the Teaching Ministry Preparation* and the Sharing Your Testimony sections in the Global Adventures Mission Trip Guide

2.   Read and complete the exercises in section 1, 2, & 3 of STMWB: Ch. 4, Maximizing Personal Growth (p. 48-57)

3.   Answer the questions below and email this document to

a.   What are some of your biggest fears about this trip, and what do you think will help you overcome these fears?

b.   What are three abilities and strengths that you believe God has given you?

c.    Why is it important to submit to the leadership of the host missionary?

Optional Activities:

1.   Journaling Exercise: What spiritual gifts do I bring on this mission trip?

2.   Read and complete the remaining exercises in Chapter 4 of STMWB.

3.   Take a short online personality test (a modified Myers-Briggs) to learn more about yourself.

William Moberly