Assignment 5

Session Five: 

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1.   Read and complete the exercises in section 1 of STMWB: Ch. 5, Working Together as a Team (p. 59-62)

2.   Read and complete the exercises in sections 1, 2, & 3 of STMWB: Ch. 6, Communicating Clearly (p. 70-77)

3.   Read the Safe Travel Tips & Packing List & Tips documents.

4.   Answer the question below and email this document to

a.   What is the most helpful role you feel you can exercise on a team?

b.   How is your preparation going so far? What problems or challenges are you encountering?

Optional Activities:

1.   Journaling Exercise: How can I show God’s love to my fellow team members, especially when challenges arise?

Josh Brenden