3. Ten Commandments for Short-Term Missionaries

Ten Commandments for Short-Term Missionaries

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1. You shall not expect that things will be the sameas they are at home, for you have left your hometo find different things. 

2. Thou shall not take anything too seriously. Awillingness to accept things as they are lays thefoundation for a good trip to another country. 

3. Thou shall not let other group members get on thynerves. Thou raised good money and set aside this time to enjoy thyself. 

4. Thou shall not forget that, at all times, thou dost represent thy own country andthe Lord Jesus Christ. 

5. Thou shall not be overly worried. He who worrieth hath no pleasures. Fewthings people worry about are ever fatal. 

6. Remember thy passport (or other identification document) so that thou knowestwhere it is at all times. A person without documents is a person without acountry. 

7. Blessed is the person who says, “When in [insert name of country] (Rome), doas the [insert name of people] (Romans) do.” 

8. If in difficulty, use common sense and thy American friendliness. 

9. Do not judge all [insert name of target people] by the one person with whomthou hast had trouble. 

10. Remember, thou art a guest in [insert name of country]. He who treateth hishost with respect shall be treated as an honored guest. i

William Moberly