4. Sharing Your Testimony


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“Learner, Servant, Storyteller”  Attitude: It’s the most important aspect of the short term mission experience. The right attitude hasthree parts- as you take on the rules of the learner, servant and storyteller. 

Become a Learner. As a learner you take the responsibility for yourself and for what happens to you. You trust God touse you. Ask questions to make the most of your experience- questions about what you’re seeing,  hearing and feeling. As a learner, you come to another culture to find out how people think and whatGod is doing among them. Your expectations are based in learning what God is already doing andnot in your own ability to convert others or to make a lasting contribution. 

Become a Servant. As a servant, you follow Christ’s own example. He labeled Himself a servant rather than a leader.  Servants are rare in our culture, but their attitude allows them to facilitate others in their own uniquevisions. A true servant asks, “How do you want this to be done?” instead of saying, “Let me show youthe right way to do it.” God has given His vision to people all over the world. As a servant, you try tounderstand the particular vision God has given His people in your host culture, then offer your help tofacilitate others. 

Become a Storyteller. As a storyteller, you feel free to tell your own story because it belongs to you. It is easier to sharewhat God has done in your life, though, if you listen first to others- stories of their lives, their cultureand their perceptions of the world. As you tell a story in return, you encourage them to talk abouttheir lives in God. This isn’t preaching. It’s simple the honest record of your life with the Lord- pastand present, ups and downs. It soon becomes natural to talk about how God is working.

William Moberly