1. Intro to Training and Orientation

INTRODUCTION TO Training & Orientation Guide

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The ALWM training program consists of several resources that together provide a comprehensive set of toolswith which you can be equipped for the mission ahead. This mission guide and the accompanying materialsare designed to help you prepare for your short-term mission trip. 

As you prepare for your short-term trip, please take this time of preparation seriously. We desire that you beprepared to the best of your ability, both as an individual and as a team. It is our goal that the team beprepared and unified together through the work of the Holy Spirit in order to be good stewards of the missionHe has entrusted us with.  We strive for our training to be... 

1. Based in the Word. Study the Word to reinforce the biblical basis for your trip. Short-term mission is a spiritual endeavor.  As Christians, we are challenged constantly to expand our borders and take in more of the world. Weare challenged to accept a greater view of God’s love and purpose. As you understand how your tripfits into a biblical understanding of mission, it becomes easier to take on the expanded perspective ofdiscipleship.

2. Focused on God’s Agenda. After you have established your own personal goals for the trip, pray that you’ll become a learner. Praythat you’ll welcome any activity God brings, even if it doesn’t fit into your preconceived notions of what“ought to happen.” You’re bound to be disappointed if you maintain a rigid notion of how God will workin your life and the lives of others. Train yourself to look forward to the surprises God has in store. 

3. Dependent on the Holy Spirit. It is our prayer that the Holy Spirit will be the leader of each team we send. We trust that as each ofyou prepare independently for the trip, you will also take the opportunities to build relationships withteam members and allow the Holy Spirit to unify the team. As you prepare for the trip, we stronglyencourage you to make prayer a priority. While the team may be spread out geographically, teamprayer will be a priority whenever there are meetings. 

4. Clear about the Purpose. We believe that short-term mission trips serve long-term mission interests, whether under the direction ofEEMN career missionaries or EEMN sponsored ministries. It is our desire that training emphasize thepurpose of partnership with long-term mission interests. Please be sensitive to the host missionaries orministry leaders and go with a servant’s spirit. 

5. Comprehensive in Preparation. Our training program focuses on several primary areas of preparation: 1) spiritual, 2) cultural, 3)  ministry specialty, 4) practical and logistical issues, 5) host missionaries/ministries, people group andcountry information, and 6) debriefing.

William Moberly