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Short Term Missions: Your Bridge to the Mission Field

When organized prayerfully, quality short term mission trips can be a blessing for the mission field hosts and for the sending congregation. The following core values define 'quality' and the kind of spiritual focus essential for an effective STM trip:

·      SERVING IN PARTNERSHIP with Gospel centered, trusted & fruitful in country ministry hosts who approve, welcome and often are the catalyst for the vision of hosting the short term team

·      EXCELLENCE IN PLANNING and advance preparation

·      THOROUGH TRAINING for team leaders & members

·      CLEARLY DEFINED GOALS, TRIP PLANS & MINISTRY FRAMEWORK that is reasonably workable for the sending congregation, synod or association and their potential team members


We also provide expert Short Term Mission trip planning for congregations and groups.

What Kind of trips do we offer?

English Bible Camps

English Bible camps are similar to a US Vacation Bible School, although formats vary from country to country. Children, youth and even adults are interested in learning conversation English from native English speakers. Through activities that often include sports, crafts, and music in addition to conversational English, relationships are formed and the gospel is shared. Bible based curriculum is used most often. We are working on future trips into Cambodia, China and more. We are also assisting a group in Canada with a trip to Slovakia in summer, 2017.

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Pastoral Teaching

Formal training is urgently needed in developing nations where the growth of Christianity has far out-paced its ability to provide theological and Biblical education. ALWM has recognized this urgent need and in response is coordinating teaching trips, praying for pastors from across North America to help.  Recently, Pastor Tom Curry (ALWM Staff) of Wabash, Indiana, and Pastor Ralph Easterhaus of Ft. Wayne, Indiana,  recently provided 60 hours of training over an eleven day period to some 130 village pastors in Malawi, Africa. These pastors had no previous formal training and lacked the education to qualify forBible college or seminary admission..

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