Formal training is urgently needed in developing nations where the growth of Christianity has far out-paced its ability to provide theological and Biblical education. ALWM has recognized this urgent need and in response has formed our Pastor to Pastor Ministry. We are praying for pastors from across North America to help by giving 2-3 weeks of their time to travel overseas and teach in one of our seminars for church leaders. Past teaching Seminars have been held in Malawi, Bangladesh, Nepal & India.  Many of those attending are in leadership in various ways in their respective countries, but  often have no previous formal training, and some lack the education to qualify for Bible college or seminary admission. We are planning for Cambodia, Bangladesh and Malawi in 2019. We have an urgent need for pastors to serve and their congregations grasp the value of SENDING them to share what they have, just as Peter and John did in Acts 3.

Past participants have said:'

“It was a great and humbling privilege to teach, learn from and be with these pastors and congregational leaders. I wish I could duplicate their hunger and passion in all of the pastors and congregational leaders that I know.”

“I know that my own faith was strengthened, and that God answered my prayer to learn from the participants as much (or more) than I gave them. I will treasure my time in Africa for the rest of my life, and I’m confident God will use it in my teaching and preaching from now on.”

 “We had a tremendous time with our Lutheran sisters and brothers in Malawi. We were well cared for being treated as honored guests but welcomed as friends….As a team, we were blessed and humbled. Malawi is a poor country, but the people are warm hearted and kind. We leave part of our hearts with our friends in Africa even as we take much of Africa with us. God provided for every need leaving no gaps in expenses.”

Please contact Rev. Tom Curry, our Pastor to Pastor Coordinator at for more information. Check out some of the photos below, and then watch the video to be challenges and inspired! 

Pastor Tom Curry, Midwest Regional Representative of ALWM, speaks about a unique mission trip opportunity for pastors in this quick "Missions Minute"!