ALWM International

The primary purpose of ALWM is "calling, mobilizing, equipping, & networking congregations for effective global outreach. At the same time, in obedience to the Call of the Lord through the Word, and in response to invitations we have received, we carry of global mission ministry as ALWM International. The work of ALWM International is done primarily through the following:

  • Our ALWM Ministry in Vietnam, Vital Links for Humanity.

  • Our Partner Ministry in Cambodia, LCMC Cambodia and Pastor Sam Chim.

  • Our ALWM Young Adult Missionary Internship Ministry (YAMI)

  • Our ALWM Pastor to Pastor Teams, equipping leaders in developing countries.

  • Short Term mission trips organized to serve an ALWM ministry or partner, or by invitation from a trusted ministry.

For more about each of these ministries, visit the web pages about each of the above through the drop down menu under INTERNATIONAL in the top tool bar.