ALWM International Partners

Our primary purpose of the ministry of ALWM is “calling, equipping & networking congregations for effective global missions.”  We carry on international ministry through ALWM international, which includes the international teaching ministry of ALWM staff and short term teams.

 In addition, as a Missions Network, we carry out the Great Commission through fruitful and effective international ministries across the world, especially within the 10/40 Window. We maintain an ongoing relationship with these approved, fruitful international partners and projects. All partners sign a partner ministry agreement to further intentional ministry and to maintain healthy mutual accountability. Click here to see a copy of the ALWM International partner ministry agreement.

CAMBODIA is one of the countries where the Lord is opening doors for partnership. This country, with a population of over 15 million people, is 83% Buddhist and only 3% Christian. There are 42 people groups in Cambodia, with 30of them unreached. For more demographic information and prayer needs for Cambodia in general, click here.

Cambodia MAp

LCMC, Cambodia - Pastor Sam Chim - Phnom Phen, Cambodia

Pastor Samuel Chim, Service Coordinator for LCMC Cambodia, has led the mission in Cambodia for 20 years, establishing 50 house Churches, 9 Congregations, and 5 major regional projects.  Some of his work includes establishing a floating school for 500 impoverished children, digging wells throughout the country to ensure clean water, and training pastors for mission work.

LCMC Cambodia is partnering with ALWM to create short term mission experiences for groups and congregations in the west. We also want to raise awareness and support for the needs of Cambodian Christians and the Christian communities there. For further information about LCMC Cambodia, future short term mission trips, and support needs there, please contact or call 505-803-5271. Donations may be mailed to ALWM, PO Box 67432, Albuquerque, NM 87193-7432. Make checks payable to ALWM, and designating your gift to LCMC Cambodia. We will add you to our Cambodia newsletters and email updates.

Loso San School
 Loso San School roof, provided by ALWM from designated gifts to the ministry. It  provides a cooler place for school and worship.

Loso San School roof, provided by ALWM from designated gifts to the ministry. It  provides a cooler place for school and worship.