ALWM International

Our primary purpose of the ministry of ALWM is “calling, equipping & networking congregations for effective global missions.”  At the same time, in obedience to the call of the Word and the invitations we have received, we carry on global mission ministry through ALWM international,  The work of ALWM International is carried out primarily through:

  • Our ALWM Ministry in Vietnam, Vital Links for Humanity.
  • Our Partner Ministry in Cambodia, LCMC Cambodia and Pastor Sam Chim.
  • Our ALWM Young Adult Missionary Internship Ministry (YAMI)
  • Our ALWM Pastor to Pastor Teams, equipping leaders in developing countries.
  • Short Term mission trips organized to serve an ALWM ministry or partner, or by invitation from a trusted ministry.

For more about YAMI and Pastor to Pastor, visit the web pages about each through the drop down menu under INTERNATIONAL in the top tool bar.


Vital Links to Humanity, a medical and evangelistic ministry of ALWM to Vietnam

We have our own ministry to Vietnam called "Vital Links to Humanity". Vital Links, now a ministry of ALWM, was originally founded by two Lutheran nurses, Tom & Carol Miles, in 1995. VLH became a part of ALWM in 2018. This fruitful and unique ministry includes:

  • ongoing outreach ministry through a small team led by Dr. Hang, and our Project Manager van and some trusted volunteers, with medical clinics offered to the poor, in Jesus' name. We work in the Mekong River Delta in southern Vietnam, as well as among the Hill tribes in the northwest near the Cambodia Border, in partnership with key churches in each region.
  • Our Gospel Kids orphanages have 35 children, and have grown out of the pro life work of Dr. Hang and volunteers. Almost all of the orphans were rescued from abortion. Thanks be to God!
  • Building on nearly two decades of relationship with the medical community in HCMC, we have worked in formal partnership with the University School of Nursing since 2008. We utilize volunteer medical professionals to offer training events there each summer.

For more about the work of ALWM & Vital Links in Vietnam, click the button above or write

LCMC, Cambodia - Pastor Sam Chim - Phnom Phen, Cambodia


Pastor Samuel Chim, founder of LCMC Cambodia, has led the mission in Cambodia for 20 years, establishing many house Churches, 9 Congregations, and 5 major regional projects.  Some of his work includes establishing a floating school for 500 impoverished children, digging wells throughout the country to ensure clean water, and training pastors for mission work. Currently there are 35 house churches and two day schools that comprise LCMC Cambodia, which has doubled in the last three years.

This country, with a population of over 15 million people, is 83% Buddhist and only 3% Christian. There are 42 people groups in Cambodia, with 30of them unreached. For more demographic information and prayer needs for Cambodia in general, click here.

LCMC Cambodia has connected with ALWM to help bring partnership opportunities to US churches. Your help is needed in prayer and project support to undergird this fruitful and effective ministry! Please contact or call 505-803-5271. Donations may be mailed to ALWM, PO Box 67432, Albuquerque, NM 87193-7432. Make checks payable to ALWM, and designating your gift to LCMC Cambodia. We will add you to our Cambodia newsletters and email updates.


Here is the latest video update about the current needs!

Loso San School
 Loso San School roof, provided by ALWM from designated gifts to the ministry. It  provides a cooler place for school and worship.

Loso San School roof, provided by ALWM from designated gifts to the ministry. It  provides a cooler place for school and worship.