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a ministry of ALWM

We have our own ministry to Vietnam called "Vital Links for Humanity". Vital Links for Humanity was originally founded by two Lutheran nurses, Tom & Carol Miles, in 1995. VLH became a part of ALWM in 2018. This fruitful and unique ministry includes:

  • ongoing outreach ministry through a small team led by Dr. Hang, and our Project Manager van and some trusted volunteers, with medical clinics offered to the poor, in Jesus' name. We work in the Mekong River Delta in southern Vietnam, as well as among the Hill tribes in the northwest near the Cambodia Border, in partnership with key churches in each region.
  • Vietnam has the highest abortion rate in Asia, with as many as 58% of pregnancies ending in abortion. Our Gospel Kids orphanages have grown out of the passionate pro life work of our staff leader, Dr. Hang. Since 2005, she has seen 200 women choose life, and about 10% of those have been abandoned by their mothers and left with her to raise. There are now 42 Gospel Kids in 4 locations, and that number will grow to 52, Almost all of the orphans were rescued from abortion! Thanks be to God! 
  • Building on nearly two decades of relationship with the medical community in HCMC, we have worked in formal partnership with the University School of Nursing since 2008. We utilize volunteer medical professionals to offer training events, now at the request of the Vietnamese Nurses Association in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, we work in partnership with VNA and local hospitals in HCMC to offer "Conversational English for the Nurse" workshops, with the help of our summer short term teams.

For more about how you can partner with us in Vietnam, contact us at vitallinks@alwm.org.