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Young Adult Missionary Internship (YAMI)

Launching Fall 2019!

YAMI Director: Rev. Matt Shields

The Young Adult Missionary Internship is a Christian missions program for young adults (ages 19-25) to experience life as a missionary in a cross-cultural environment.  Being a missionary is much more than going on an adventure. While living in a cross-cultural mission field might seem adventurous at times, it can also be quite challenging. The focus of this program is to give young adults a longer experience of one year to see what the missionary style is like. A vocation as a missionary or pastor is a high calling, but something that is not always easy to understand. With that in mind, the young adults participating in this program will be supported by the program director and a discipleship team from their home congregation to help them reflect on their experiences during their year in country and discern what God might be calling them to do next with their lives.

The Missionary Internship is a yearlong program that includes orientation in the United States and a period of reflection upon returning to the U.S. 

The goals of the Missionary Internship are:

  • That young adults would grow in Christian faith through cross-cultural experiences that expand their understanding of who God is, what God is doing around the world, and how they fit into God’s mission.

  • That young adults would live out that faith through sacrificial service to others.

  • That young adults would grow as future mission-minded leaders of the church, possibly pursuing lifelong vocations as cross-cultural missionaries or pastors in the U.S. 

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